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Red Hot Presentations - The BookThis self study approach will help you become a confident and engaging speaker!
If you are ready to go from unknown to center stage and be known as an expert in your field, Red Hot Presentations offers the strategies to put you on the path to become the speaker everyone remembers.

Red Hot Presentations will show you how to:
• Overcome stage fright

• Deliver a message your audience wants to hear
• Set the scene with stories
• Create an emotional connection with your audience
• Use visuals effectively
• Create a persuasive call to action
• And much more!

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michele-chynowethIf you’re going to read one book to help you become a better speaker, you need to read Red Hot Presentations! I’ve read several books on public speaking, but this truly outshines them all. Judy gives us a practical guide to becoming a public speaker – how to overcome your fears, how to craft a good speech, even how to dress for success! As a Toastmaster, I’ve also seen Judy speak and I’ve seen first hand that she knows her stuff and is an example of how we all can speak to succeed no matter what career path we’ve chosen. This truly is a bargain of an investment to make in yourself!”
Michele Chynoweth, Author of the Peace Maker, and The Faithful One


tatsiana“Red Hot Presentations is a great book on public speaking. Every professional who delivers frequent presentations and talks should have it in his collection. It is probably the only book you’ll need regardless of the type of presentations you deliver. The book provides a set of useful tips on preparation for the speech, techniques for delivery, advice on how to overcome the stage fright and stand out as a speaker. The book also includes related stories which make it interesting, memorable and easy to read. I highly recommend it.”
Tatsiana Haidzinskaya, President, DESEAA Toastmasters


bryan_toderJudy is extraordinary! She is an expert at helping a person craft a speech and perform it well. Just today, I called Judy to help me with a new speech I need to give in four days. She pinpointed several areas to improve upon and saved me HOURS of work! I highly recommend Judy as a speech coach and expert in the public speaking field!”
Bryan Toder, Plymouth Hypnosis

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nicole-fendi“The minute Judy took the stage, I knew I was in for an extraordinary experience. She’s a compelling, engaging storyteller, with aha moment after aha moment. I left the auditorium just full of energy and excitement.”
Nicole Fende, The Numbers Whisperer


walt-hamptonJudy has such a unique way of recasting what storytelling is all about. If you’re a speaker, and you want to really connect with your audience, then you need Judy.”
Walt Hampton, J.D., Motivational Speaker


christine-silverI realized I’ve been telling ordinary stories and what I learned from Judy is how to make those stories extraordinary. She really has a gift. So, if you really want to know how to take your stories to a whole new level – call Judy!”
Christine Silver, Silver Business Solutions

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mandy-lebeauJudy, your speech was amazing and I enjoyed it. I feel honored to be present whenever you are giving a speech. You’re just simply amazing and you are a symbol of everything I want to aspire to.”
Mandy LeBeau, Toastmaster


laura-kasperLoved Judy’s presentation. It was full of energy. The PowerPoint ideas were great. On behalf of the Delco SHRM group I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation and tips. We all enjoyed it.”
Laura Kasper, CEO, Monarch Staffing


tricia-deblander“Overall Judy’s an excellent presenter. She’s energetic, knowledgeable, and very personable. She relates well to her audience. I loved learning the tips and tricks for a better presentation, ways to avoid “Death By PowerPoint”, and the many PowerPoint techniques.
Tricia DeBlander, Vice President of HR, Janney Montgomery Scott

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